iPad 2 Announced

Though it feels like the iPad (1) was just released just yesterday, its successor has arrived! The iPad 2 was announced at GDC today.

Main features? It doubled its processing power, upped the graphics,  comes in white, and added two cameras. Nothing too revolutionary as most of these features were expected (especially the camera). Almost everything else is the same. The battery life is still at 10 hours and the prices are unchanged at all tiers. It should be noted that current generation iPads are going to sell for less as a result.

What still holds true is Apple’s hate towards Flash. As a result, some websites are unsupported by the iPad 2. In addition, no memory card slot was created (true to Apple form) as they want to charge premiums for additional storage space.

The iPad 2 is also one-third slimmer and 15% lighter but the practical features are more or less the same. The better hardware will surely make a difference but at the end of it all, I really don’t feel that an upgrade is necessary for iPad owners. If you are hardcore about iPads or just like having the latest gear, then this product is certainly for you. Otherwise, I think this is one of those things that even Apple lovers will pass on.


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