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Ocarina of Time 3D will include Master Quest

Ocarina of Time 3D just got sweeter just this past week. A Nintendo representative let slip at GDC 2011 that the Master Quest will be included in the same cartridge. It’s a great chance to play both games re-mastered in 3D (pun intended) and its definitely one of the better Zelda remakes.

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Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword GDC Trailer

The new Skyward Sword trailer looks pretty good. It seems that the game is in the last stages of the development cycle. I’m definitely excited for this title to come out in Summer 2011

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Super Mario 3DS unveiled at GDC 2011

Super Mario 3DS was unveiled yesterday at GDC 2011. It’s a welcome reinvention of the series on the new Nintendo 3DS platform. If the tail on the logo foreshadows anything, the Tanooki suit may make an appearance in the game, and if not, it still pays homage to Super Mario 3.

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Nintendo + Netflix

The Nintendo camp announced plans to integrate Netflix services for their upcoming 3DS at GDC today. Continue reading

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iPad 2 Announced

Though it feels like the iPad (1) was just released just yesterday, its successor has arrived! The iPad 2 was announced at GDC today. Continue reading

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