PS3 3DTV Bundle

Sony’s big hardware announcement other than the NGP (now known as the PSVita) at E3 this year, is their 3DTV. It is a 24 inch lcd tv with 3D capabilities and comes with one pair of 3D glasses, one HDMI cable, and Resistance 3. The price comes in at a cool $499 USD. However, this is not just any ordinary 3DTV. It has the ability to show two different images at the same time. Kind of hard to explain but it essentially allows two players to see completely different images depending on the 3D glasses they wear. This will essentially prevent those cheaters who look at the other players split screens in shooters. There are other uses of course (such as watch different channels at the same time).

While this is revolutionary technology, the biggest problem I see is the need to isolate sound. Player 1 needs sound that corresponds to picture 1 and player 2 to picture 2. It will be interesting to see how this bundle does upon release. Personally, I think the dual image technology will change the way we play multiplayer games (especially competitive ones) in a big way.

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