Operation Rainfall, The Time For Localization is Now!

To Nintendo of North America, the time for game localization is now. There are currently 3 major Japanese titles that have been released over the past year and a bit, games that a collective of passionate gamers believe, that will offer them the promise of “something”.

Something to experience, as twilight draws upon the little white box that could. Something to do while we wait for the final Zelda experience on the Wii. Something to enjoy while the long days of summer are upon us. Something to talk about with friends whether they be online, at a school, work place, or blog. This talk would be about something Nintendo has to offer those who bought that little white box of hope and inspiration. Even if the games were released in North America and they were poorly received (which I doubt they would be) this would be “Something” from what has far too often been “Nothing” offered from Nintendo of North America, and Nintendo at large in terms of localization.

Those three games are Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower.

Xenoblade, developed by Monolith,(same company that did Baten Kaitos on the Gamecube and Xenosaga) was released back in June 2010 (in Japan) and coming soon to Europe.
Xenoblade official site

The Last Story developed by Mistwalker, (directed by the same guy who created the original Final Fantasy games) released in January 2011 and is scheduled for release in Europe 2012.

The Last Story official site (in Japanese)

Finally Pandora’s Tower, developed by Ganbarion, (same company who created Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Super Stars on the DS) released in May 2011 and is also scheduled for release in Europe 2012.

Pandora’s Tower official site (in Japanese)



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Update 1- Added game titles, companies/developers, links to official sites of games

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