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Pandora’s Tower Headed to North America

pandoras-tower-walkthrough-coverWell it looks like XSEED is finally bringing the last third of the games Operation Rainfall had set out to campaign to bring over for the Americas. Pandora’s Tower will be making it’s way to North America sometime this spring, so hopefully it’s worth dusting the Wii off for one last time. Now then, I’ve gotta finish off Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story before it’s release!

(Source: Infendo)

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Operation Rainfall: The Last Third

Well if you’ve been paying attention to the Wii JRPG scene at all, nay the Wii release schedule as of late you’ll know that it has been pretty dry for the last year or so, save for a few big titles like Skyward Sword, The Last Story and Xenoblade. Continue reading

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The Last Story is headed to North America!

Yes, you heard right! The Last Story is headed to North America! Continue reading

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Operation Rainfall, The Time For Localization is Now!

To Nintendo of North America, the time for game localization is now. There are currently 3 major Japanese titles that have been released over the past year and a bit, games that a collective of passionate gamers believe, that will offer them the promise of “something”. Continue reading

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Pandora’s Tower Continues to Intrigue

The game was first unveiled towards the end of January 2011 with a teaser image, and a few words from the game’s heroine, posted on a Nintendo teaser site. In Early April (the week of April 6th), Nintendo intrigued us further by unveiling a new trailer for what looks to be an action rpg game. Continue reading

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