League of RAGE #2

WHY WHY WHY do you have to be in my rank team? YOU SUCK! The only redeeming skill you got is dying 5 seconds later! You are 5 secs BETTER THAN MASTER YI! DO NOT TELL ME YOU ARE GONNA CARRY US WHEN YOU HAVE 45 MINIONS GOING 0-4 IN 25MINS! JUST DIE AND DIE SOME MORE! USELESS PIECE OF CRAP DO NOT LET ME SEE YOU AGAIN IN RANK!

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  1. Its time to give in to rage quitting! XD j/k j/k One of the reasons I don’t invest heavily in this game is cause I know I suck balls at this game with in game stats that look alot like 1-8-4. At least I know to keep myself out of ranked games until I’m alot better lol. Oh, btw I’m not against posting rants here but try to keep the language here PG/professional. Thanks! =)

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