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League of Legends Security Breach

league of legendsThis is a PSA to all North American League of Legends account holders that select private information may be compromised by hackers. It is advisable to change your password as soon as possible.

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League of RAGE #2

WHY WHY WHY do you have to be in my rank team? YOU SUCK! The only redeeming skill you got is dying 5 seconds later! You are 5 secs BETTER THAN MASTER YI! DO NOT TELL ME YOU ARE GONNA CARRY US WHEN YOU HAVE 45 MINIONS GOING 0-4 IN 25MINS! JUST DIE AND DIE SOME MORE! USELESS PIECE OF CRAP DO NOT LET ME SEE YOU AGAIN IN RANK!

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League of Legends Rant #1

Every time I come over to this site, it’s filled with Nintendo news like there’s NO OTHER GAMES EXIST ANYWHERE ELSE! Well I guess SOMEONE have to change that doesn’t it? I’m kidding guys, it’s pretty awesome this site have been the only Nintendo news I read ^_^ Anyway, I’m here to just throw some anger and get rid of this disgusting feeling I have when I play this game called “League of Legends”. It’s great fun and all when you are winning, but when you are losing, not any fault of yours or your pre-made 3+ team-mate, BUT THIS ONE RANDOM IDIOT NOOB you picked up from queue. All you can do is rage…and rage some more…Seriously, if you lock in to Master Yi the moment you got in with Teleport/Heal and tell us not to worry “I will carry you guys” go screw yourself. YOU SUCK AND PROBABLY SHOULD UNINSTALL THE DAMN GAME AND NOT WASTE 40MINS OF SOMEONE’S LIFE. @.@

BTW a tip at picking champs during rank…if I take Janna as first pick, probably not a good idea to take Trynd, Yi, Amumu, Olaf and Pantheon.

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Youtube Tuesday: How to win at League of Legends

Put real life online gaming and add a hilarious spin to it and you get this!

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League of Legends Dominion

Dominion will be the biggest change to LoL since beta and will include a brand new format of gameplay. Continue reading

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League of Legends Kayle Rework!

Every once in a while, LoL will rework champions to keep things interesting. With Kayle, she is getting some new animations, new(er) skins, and ability modifications. Continue reading

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Free League of Legends Credit

If you’ve been playing League of Legends for a while, you would have received an email similar to the one above. Continue reading

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Watch me play League of Legends LIVE!

Watch me play live here! LOW 1200 rank matches

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RAGE! = Fired!

A League of Legends employee raged hard against another player accusing him of “feeding” (purposely dieing to benefit the opponent) during a match a few days ago. Continue reading

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