Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition

Blizzard loves releasing collector’s editions of their games as something special for their hardcore fans. Starcraft II released with a wicked sick Raynor USB tag with the original Starcraft + Brood War on it along with other goodies. Diablo III continues this tradition with a USB stick with Diablo 2 + LoD and more!

Specifically, in addition to Diablo III –

  • The Art of Diablo III book.
  • Diablo III Soundtrack.
  • A behind the scenes making of DVD.
  • Diablo skull stand and 4gig USB soulstone.
  • Other Blizzard in-game bonuses:
    • World of Warcraft Fetish Shaman pet.
    • Starcraft II Battle.net character portrait.

All for $100 which is $40 more than the $60 standard edition. I think the bundle is definitely worth the buy if you don’t have D2 and LoD and would like to play it to better understand the Diablo saga. However, even without the D2 and LoD, the cool usb drive and stand along with the artbook/dvd/soundtrack still makes this a tempting buy.

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