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Diablo 3’s Secret Level #2

Looks like Diablo 3 has a second secret level. Continue reading

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[SPOILER] Diablo 3 Secret Level

If you’re trying to avoid Diablo 3 spoliers, stop right here! For the rest of you, keep calm and carry on reading. Continue reading

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Diablo 3 errors and what they mean

It isn’t surprising with the launch of Diablo 3 that there’s going to be some problems. And if you’re wondering what all those errors mean, here’s a list of errors that were/are commonly encountered with the very recent launch. Continue reading

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Diablo 3 Servers go live at midnight!

Diablo servers go live at 12AM Pacific DST. So is anyone going to pick it up and play it in the first week or so? I know I’ll be playing the hell outta it (no pun intended) as soon as the servers go live!

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Ivy Bridge Has Arrived!

There has been much speculation on the Ivy Bridge release date. April 23rd was the official announcement date but many had speculated that Intel would hold out on distribution to sell off the Sandy Bridge inventory first. Fortunately, it appears as if many local dealers are already starting to sell the new line of processors (and Sandy Bridge at steep discounts). Dell even has an Ivy Bridge option if you are building a computer there. If you are planning to build a PC in the near future (possibly for Diablo III purposes), now would be the time to do it.

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Diablo 3 Free Beta Weekend

For those who want a taste of what is to come, Diablo 3 will be free to play for this weekend. Best part is that multiplayer is available as well.

Download here.

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Single Slot Rage!

In my quest to ready myself for Diablo III, I have been searching for a video card for my ITX box. Continue reading

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Diablo III launching May 15, pre-orders on sale!

MMORPG fans, start your computers! Diablo III finally has a release date and its hitting store shelves May 15 and pre-orders are on sale now! Looks like Blizzard finally put a release date and let’s hope there aren’t any more delays to it!

(Source: Gamasutra)

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Diablo III Release Date?

So the Diablo III has a release date? Continue reading

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Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition

Blizzard loves releasing collector’s editions of their games as something special for their hardcore fans. Continue reading

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