Power to the players? More like Power taken from the players!

A bit of a disclaimer before you read the rest of this rant: I’ve met some pretty cool people that work at these stores, albeit you will get some bad apples that give you bad service or don’t know Jack about gaming.

GameStop/EB Games has mostly gotten a bad rap from gamers and I mostly dismissed that as just the odd case or two on top of the horribly bad trade in values and used game price scam they have. At least until this week. I had ordered a Zelda 3DS Bundle (which is sitting pretty on my shelf as of now) and when I opened up the Purolator package that was shipped to me, the bonus coupon booklet that was supposed to be shipped with the bundle was not there.

Now this normally would not be an issue, but when I called their customer support line, all their options were swamped and denied my calls when I tried any of the options. I would have tried their french option if my skills in that language was better and not as rusty as a lug nut left outside for a decade. If that wasn’t bad enough, whenever I tried calling again at different hours of the day, the phone lines seem to be eternally swamped and rendered useless.

As one would expect that a medium or large company would be a bit more responsible with responding to customer service emails. Bot that just doesn’t seem to be the case. I had sent one early this workday and it is nearing the end of the day and yet I have yet to get a response. I wasn’t surprised to hear from Petrija, a friend of mine and also a writer here on our blog, has had trouble dealing with their email responses and it took them a WHOLE FOUR business days to get back to her that they are now shipping the coupon booklet that should have been packed in with the bundle. If that does not convince you of bad customer service, I don’t know what will, besides damaged or undelivered products.

Thankfully I happen to be on Twitter and GameStop (In my case GameStop Canada) is on there too. I had DM’d them early on in the workday and sent them the order number and it seemed that they couldn’t find it and I kinda put it off for a couple hours, especially after being put on a useless loop from their phone line and non-responsive emails. Right before I started my afternoon part of my shift, I fired off another DM to GameStop Canada about the incomplete order they shipped me, I did not expect to get a response for a while since the DMs I sent in the morning have all but died a horrible death. Surprisingly enough I got a response from them that the coupon book should be shipped to me soon. Hopefully this time they actually get it to me right. Basically this whole experience has put me off with buying online with GameStop/EB Games cause of their horrible and non-existent customer support in the traditional sense and I have to resort to an unconventional way of reaching them through Twitter.

So basically the moral of the story: If it wasn’t for Twitter, GameStop would have horrible customer service. Still even with Twitter its pretty abysmal! Take note retailers and service providers, you better step up your game if something goes wrong with a customer’s order, you better be punctual with getting back to them with a plan!

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