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GameStop Closes Preorders For Wii U Deluxe Bundle

After opening up preorders for the Wii U on Thursday after the conference, GameStop has filled their quotas for the Deluxe Bundle. The Basic set is still available at GameStop but if you want the Deluxe Bundle, you’ll need to find it elsewhere.

(Source: Game Informer)

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PlayStation 3D Display Bundle $249.99

EB games (GameStop) is selling the PS 3DTV plus an extra pair of glasses and two games (Motorstorm and MLB – meh) for $249.99. Although I really don’t care too much for those games, this is still a pretty decent buy. The TV itself is 1080p with a 240Hz refresh and at 24 inches, it makes for a pretty decent computer monitor (or second monitor). Pretty sweet deal if you are looking for 3D or a new display.

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Power to the players? More like Power taken from the players!

A bit of a disclaimer before you read the rest of this rant: I’ve met some pretty cool people that work at these stores, albeit you will get some bad apples that give you bad service or don’t know Jack about gaming. Continue reading

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Xenoblade possibly coming to North America as a GameStop Exclusive?

Rumours abound on this new screenshot of Xenoblade possibly coming stateside but as a GameStop exclusive. I’m hoping it isn’t a GameStop exclusive but as long as we get it, I’m not gonna be picky!

(Source and Image: NeoGAF)

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