Wii U To Include NFC And Nintendo Contemplating Name Change For Console

The Wii U is well on its way to becoming Nintendo’s next generation of home consoles. They have confirmed that the Wii U will have a NFC chip (Near Field Communication) that will allow for micropayments for in-game DLC, add-ons and games that will be available on the console’s online storefront. Other uses for NFC could be used for interacting with in-game characters like what they have done with Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure on the 3DS.

In other news, Nintendo is contemplating a name change for the Wii U. The reason behind this is that there was a bit of confusion among the more casual crowd that thought the 3DS was merely a redesign of the traditional DS handheld and Nintendo cannot afford to have lost sales due to consumers thinking the Wii U is merely this year’s half-step upgrade instead of a brand new system!

(Source: Game Informer and Tech Crunch)

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  1. Hmm… DS3 and Wii2? Or Wii Ultra/Super/HD/1080? Perhaps Gamecube portable, Wii-boy, Ultra Gameboy, or something new, Nintendo Game-book/pad/pod/tab/go/impulse, Nintendo OnGO (for weird names). Should probably just leave the naming to Nintendo then. This is pretty interesting stuff though, hope you can have at least 2 ppl carrying tablets, I’d prefer the system to be able to interact with at least 4, maybe more if say you have one and your friend (s) have one they could bring there’s from home and have it work on yours and vice versa, that’d be cool. There will DEFINITELY be 3DS interaction and connectivity I’m almost certain of it, if there isn’t then well I overestimated Nintendo again.

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