More Details on Fire Emblem Awakening

More information regarding the upcoming Fire Emblem game for 3DS is revealed. 

Much of the elements from previous Fire Emblem games will return. The biggest element is the chance to create your own character unit (taken from Fire Emblem 12). This custom character will interact with the main character lord, Krom – user of the Falchion sword (sounds familiar?).

In this game, you are free to move around in the overworld map such as in Fire Emblem 8.

Finally the new support system allows an ally units to fight if they are also next to your target enemy.

Fire Emblem Awakening seems to be a promising game so far. I’m personally looking forward to this game’s release.


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    • Holly on February 11, 2012 at 10:57 AM

    I’m glad Nintendo offered Sacred Stones as an ambassador game, because I was completely engrossed in the story…until I found out how bad I am at tactical role-playing games. I couldn’t even handle the “Beginner” level all the way through. I also tried out Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars on 3DS and couldn’t catch the drift of that one either. The tactical role-playing genre is definitely my gaming weak point.

    1. Same here with tactic driven games. I still quite enjoyed the story telling Nintendo brings with many of their games.

    • Kevin Lam on February 11, 2012 at 9:54 PM

    It is perfectly understandable to find certain tactical RPG games difficult. I recommend starting with something relatively easier such as the Pokemon series.

  1. Fire Emblem is harder than Pokemon at entry level, but much easier than Pokemon when you try to master gameplay. =)

    My first Fire Emblem game was Fire Emblem 7 (first one on the GBA here) its MUCH harder than Fire Emblem Sacred Stones (or Fire Emblem 8) but also has a better story (to me at least). The Fire Emblem remake on the DS is pretty easy(by Fire Emblem standards) and has more difficulty settings. Fire Emblem 6 for the GBA (still Japan only release sadly) is perhaps the toughest in the series. Fire Emblem 9 is the most balanced. Fire Emblem 10 is the longest and is pretty hard too. Fire Emblem happens to be one of my favourite series from Nintendo (Intelligent Systems). If you’re looking for something similar but maybe a bit easier try Advance Wars and or Battalion Wars 2 on the Wii (or BW on GC) the gameplay is similar but you can control units in real-time for Battalion Wars 2.

  2. Sacred Stones= Fire Emblem 8. There are about 13 games total, but I wouldn’t count the 2 remakes as “new games or additions to the series” so this new game is Fire Emblem11 (11th game in the series). Wonder if we’ll see characters from other games in this one, would be cool if for an unlockable feature you could battle against characters from past Fire Emblem games, via arena battle. Or create special teams or universe teams. If that were all online too with leaderboards and such. I mean we can create our own “lord” character, think about how many people might consider making them similar to ones from previous games. If they’ve considered that why not get rid of the middle man and bring back characters from other games, would also mean more creativity to craft new characters for this game.

  3. Fire Emblem games are usually fairly hard in the beginning as you need to level up your characters. That’s why they throw in a “strong” character at the beginning of most games for support. As a rule, generally don’t spend too much time training promoted units in the beginning (as there’s nothing for them to fight worthy of exp. points) instead focus on leveling up your lords, choosing a steady healer( s), and a good balance of melee and distance based units.
    Beyond that play to what you like and you’ll usually find your way out of things anyways. Use arenas wisely for both exp. and money, but don’t overuse them or you will spend a lot on healing magic(if overused)+ increase the risk of losing your characters in said battle(however they gain exp and weapon level). Most units can be leveled up (promoted to the next class at Level 10) I suggest against doing so until they’re level 20 (which is the max any unit can be) simply to gain as much stats boost/exp/weapon level as possible.
    Heal a unit whenever possible with a cleric (magic user), this helps all parties involved and makes your “army” stronger. Use the terrain to your advantage. Plan your attacks carefully(if you are a cautious person) and create situations where you can 1 up the enemy with either field bonuses/sup bonus/weapon bonus etc. Know the enemy’s range, unit type and affiliation. This helps determine who their most likely target on the field is (i.e. bandits will usually look to pillage/destroy villages that could have potentially helpful allies, items or information for your cause where as the opposing armies usually are more interested in destroying you). That’s probably all I should say for now, hope it helps.

  4. As you’ve probably guessed, I rather like this series. This new game was originally scheduled to release on/around the time of my birthday (in Japan) which was pretty cool. Also because people over here find the game difficult (and many other Japanese Nintendo games) NOA (Nintendo of North America) doesn’t think that they’re worth bringing over here. Which is why when the 1st game came out on the SNES in 1990 (I think not 100% on the date+system) they didn’t think people over here could handle it. Only after the popularity of Roy and Marth in Smash Bros. Melee on the GC, did Nintendo consider releasing games from that series here. Although, strangely enough, they didn’t release Fire Emblem 6 over here (the one that had Roy in it) for the GBA even after the relative success of its successor Fire Emblem 7’s launch here (possibly because Fire Emblem 6 was/is a pretty hard game even by Fire Emblem standards).

    That’s a brief Fire Emblem history lesson for today. =)

    Can’t wait for this game to come out, would consider “begging” for this to release in North America and the world. =)

  5. actually currently there is only 12 in series, with one it works. Fire Emblem 3ds as being stated here is still in production and hasnt been released but 10 main series games as 2 are remake and dont count toward the main series.

    What concern me thou, as you know Fire Emblem 7 know as Blazing Sword was the first game released in north america on gba in 2002 and side then we had 8-10 and remake(Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon for DS) of the first game release in 1990 on snes. But a remake of Fire Emblem 3 called The New Mystery of the Fire Emblem, that was also released on the DS but Nintendo made it Japan Excusive again which was released in 2010. So seeing a north american release of that or Fire Emblem 3ds seem slim.

    I don’t know why Nintendo would do this, i don’t know the sale number of Fire Emblem games in North American but I just think it will be ashame if it become another japanese excusive.

  6. Personally I will say Fire emblem Series as whole is a diffucult series, with the like of Fire Emblem 6 Sword of Seal (Fire Emblem 7 Blazing Sword being it prequel) That is one of the hardest game i played in series. Fire Emblem 10 Radiant Dawn is a close second with it’s legend and difficult with all possible combo of unit it’s tough to pick

    Fire Emblem 7 i would say has a fair balance, and a standard game in series. Fire Emblem 8 sacred stone has it’s new game style with addition of world map and ruin and tower but the world map function of Sacred Stone is what made the game too easy for me. I give it credit for add to series but it fall with difficult against the other games

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