Microsoft experimenting with tablet style controller for 360 successor?

As Steve Jobs once said, Good artists copy, great artists steal. And Microsoft is at it again! Making the rounds are speculations on Microsoft have made mockups for a tablet controller for it’s new Xbox console that will sport an HD screen and a similar form factor as the PS Vita. There is supposedly traditional buttons on there that one wouldnt suspect from the mockup. This is starting to look alot like another botched attempt to one up Nintendo.

As any gamer/techie would suspect, this tablet controller is gonna hurt the wallet. CVG suspects that it will cost £399 or approximately $600 USD. I’m a bit apprehensive still about tablet controllers, so we’ll see how things go in due time.

(Source: VG Tribune)

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    • Holly on February 14, 2012 at 12:45 AM

    However Nintendo chooses to implement the touch-screen controller, I’m sure it will be with consumers’ budgets in mind. That is partly why Wii was so successful. Whatever Microsoft does, I can’t help but hope that it isn’t so ambitious that is turns off the casual consumer.

  1. This mock up of the XBOX (next w/e) looks like a black ipad2. =S
    I’ll hold further judgement of it til e3 2012, or at least until we see what it can do.

  2. True. This looks more like an ipad while the WiiU’s tablet actually have buttons and two analog sticks. Also, not to worry as I’m pretty sure the WiiU will have something else in store for us that’s “revolutionary”.

  3. I think Wii-U “may” get a name change (Nintendo was considering this). My guess is that there will be more digital things available and that maybe when it launches we’ll see a “Gamecube” games for download? Also guessing it will be able to communicate with other Nintendo devices (3DS and other Wii-U’s and tablet controllers) maybe it’ll have a space for data storage (SD card slots for controller+console+ Wii-U controller with some form of flash memory). Wii-U will probably launch/bundle with some form of game maybe the demos from E3 2011+ Wii-U sports that has online now. All in 1080p (standard). Again we’ll probably have to wait until around E3 before we know anything for sure.

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