Pokemon Smash Announcement: Pokemon Black & White 2

Crazy right? A fully fledged Pokemon sequel is on its way to the Nintendo DS this June for Japan! Pokemon Black & White 2 is probably 6-8 months later for us so hopefully we get it for the Christmas season as it took about half a year to localize for the original Black & White. Also check out the site that just launched after the announcement. Reshiram and Zekrom now have their alternate forms as well.

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  1. Actually, the two pkmn in the pic are Kyurem’s new forms – 1 is part Zekrom (electric) and the other is part Reshiram (fire). They’re named Black Kyurem and White Kyurem respectively.

    I thought the new game would be called Pokemon Grey. At least my speculation that Kyurem will play a larger role is correct.

  2. Yeah. I think 99.99% of us were expecting the trifecta with Pokemon Grey but we got Black 2 & White 2. Can’t complain about another game being added to the mainline games but you’ll hear a bit when the podcast is uploaded

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