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Nintendo Direct 4.01.15

Nintendo Direct1st April 2015 – During a Nintendo Direct presentation aired today, Nintendo revealed brand new details about games in its line-up for 2015 and beyond, plus news about major updates to games that fans are already enjoying, as well as the latest on all things amiibo. Continue reading

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Nintendo Network To Be Killed Off

wiiNintendo will be killing off Nintendo Network; the online service for Nintendo DS and Wii for games like Mario Kart Wii/DS and Pokemon Black & White among other online games. For the full list of games that will be losing online support on May 20, 2014, head over to Nintendo.

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2012 Game Of The Year Shortlist

Well it’s that time of year again and we have a somewhat short shortlist that needs a bit of filling out! Suggest any games you think should have made the cut and any categories we may have missed! Hit the jump to check out what we have so far! Continue reading

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New TWEWY Game Headed To iOS

Well all that hinting and secrecy on a new TWEWY game, Square-Enix ruined the surprise on their own!

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Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 Available October 7

The highly anticipated sequels, Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 will be making it’s way over to North America on October 7. I’m hoping this will be a good enough of a game to tide fans over to a 3DS iteration of the main RPG line of this game.

(Source: Pokémon Black & White Page)

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Pokemon Smash Announcement: Pokemon Black & White 2

Crazy right? A fully fledged Pokemon sequel is on its way to the Nintendo DS this June for Japan! Continue reading

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Receive a Free Mewtwo

For Pokemon players, this is a must have for your game! The free Mewtwo wi-fi event is available until February 26. Simply log on to Nintendo Wi-Fi at the home screen of Pokemon Black or White and receive the gift.

(Source: Serebii.net )

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Music Monday: The World Ends With You

This Week’s Music Monday features The World Ends Wit You. The game had a phenomenally awesome and good sounding soundtrack! Those driving baselines and J-Pop and Hip Hop tracks are a pleasure to listen to! Continue reading

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Podcast Episode 27

Bummed out about the changing seasons? Then check out our podcast! Continue reading

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E3 Podcast Live Stream Friday Night

This Friday at 7PM Eastern, join us in the live stream for our E3 2011 Podcast! And it’s one year since we’ve kicked off the podcast too! It would be great to see you in our live stream on Friday night here!

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