Diablo III launching May 15, pre-orders on sale!

MMORPG fans, start your computers! Diablo III finally has a release date and its hitting store shelves May 15 and pre-orders are on sale now! Looks like Blizzard finally put a release date and let’s hope there aren’t any more delays to it!

(Source: Gamasutra)

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  1. I’m actually interested in getting this game. Especially with the possibility of earning real money from the in-game auction function (I’m assuming funds transfer via PayPal).

  2. We’ll see what happens with funds transfer, as that idea is definitely interesting. Probably not gonna make much off it but eh could be profitable if you have a team of pros.

    Also, I’m hoping there won’t be delays with it and not come out til 2015 or something. I’ts been quite too long between D2 and D3!

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