Single Slot Rage!

In my quest to ready myself for Diablo III, I have been searching for a video card for my ITX box. I have the Lian Li pc-q07. Being an early generation ITX, it only holds single slot video cards (I think it is the smallest case in their product line). I love the compactness and minimalism of my pc but I’m also having one hell of a time find a video card. There are many single slot options but very few are able to play D3 on max (which I plan to do) and even fewer that are actually in stock from local vendors. Moreover, they cost quite a bit more than their double slot counterparts.

Here is a picture of a q07 next to a bottle of water:

I built my q07 a year ago running a quad core (x4 640), 8GB of RAM, and a 1 TB hard drive It is deceptively powerful but without a video card, it cannot run games properly. Hopefully, something will come my way before release day.

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