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Apple announces Vision Pro AR Headset

Apple is stepping into the AR Headset arena with the Vision Pro. It’s designed to be an all in one device for movies, FaceTime, work projects, viewing photos and web pages, gaming and more. Out of the box, there will be 100+ Apple Arcade games available and may include support for standard controllers like PS5 Dualsense and Apple Vision Pro hands-free controls. Subscribers may be able to access AR experiences and content from Disney+.

It can be used to watch videos and has an “EyeSight” feature that shows your eyes to others and still be present in the room. Battery life is estimated to be around 2 hours. At this time, the pricetag is hefty, coming in at $3499 USD. While it’s a pretty cool piece of tech, the slow adoption of AR/VR and the high pricetag, the success of AR and the Apple Vision Pro will need some time to determine.

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Episode 61

This week we talk about phone pricing and the shuttering of Windows 10 Mobile

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128GB iPad is here

ipad 128 gbApple let the 128GB iPad out and there’s almost no chance you’ll be able to afford it. Continue reading

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iPad Mini Announced And More!

Well it’s no surprise that it would happen, but the iPad Mini has been announced with the price tag of $329.99. There will be iPad Mini Smart Covers available for it as well. With the small theme in mind, the 13″ MacBook Pro will now feaure a 2500×1600 resolution IPS screen and 29% better contrast ratio. Continue reading

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New iPhone 5 Announcement

Apple finally unveiled the iPhone 5 and it’s one nice device! Continue reading

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Samsung vs. Apple Infringement Case

So after what seems like forever, Apple has pretty much won all of the patent infringements that they claim Samsung has done. Samsung claims they have come up with ideas, but Apple says contrary. Continue reading

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iOS 5.1.1 is live

20120512-115942.jpg if you own an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, iOS 5.1.1 update is available to download now!

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New iPad and updated Apple TV

As we know, Apple came out with a shiny new iPad last week and has dropped the numbering scheme as I suspect they’re going to have a new model every year from here on out. Continue reading

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Apple Memorial: “Celebrating Steve Jobs”

Apple’s Steve Jobs’ memorial is now made available to the public. If you would like to watch it, we have a link to it here!

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Remembering Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a force to be reckoned with in the world of technology. Continue reading

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