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Apple announces Vision Pro AR Headset

Apple is stepping into the AR Headset arena with the Vision Pro. It’s designed to be an all in one device for movies, FaceTime, work projects, viewing photos and web pages, gaming and more. Out of the box, there will be 100+ Apple Arcade games available and may include support for standard controllers like PS5 Dualsense and Apple Vision Pro hands-free controls. Subscribers may be able to access AR experiences and content from Disney+.

It can be used to watch videos and has an “EyeSight” feature that shows your eyes to others and still be present in the room. Battery life is estimated to be around 2 hours. At this time, the pricetag is hefty, coming in at $3499 USD. While it’s a pretty cool piece of tech, the slow adoption of AR/VR and the high pricetag, the success of AR and the Apple Vision Pro will need some time to determine.

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