RAGE! = Fired!

A League of Legends employee raged hard against another player accusing him of “feeding” (purposely dieing to benefit the opponent) during a match a few days ago. This Riot employee is known as PsyonicHero and is now very well known amongst the league circles. He apparently used some bad word and racist language (sadly, all too common in online gaming) but worst of all, he used his employee privileges to ban this other player for 30 days! I have been playing LoL for a long time and have never even heard of bans this long.

PsyonicHero also posted his gameplay video online but quickly took it down once the fans/players rebelled asking for justice. Luckily, screen shots were taken and Riot management has acted according by firing this employee.

What surprises me the most is that someone playing a game can get so upset that they would abuse their powers from their workplace to “teach someone a lesson”. Pretty pathetic and a well-deserved firing.

(via The Escapist)

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