Ash Ketchum Cosplay/Halloween Costume



So this year I decided to take my costume to a whole new level and take it back to my childhood as well. I decided to go with Ash Ketchum’s season one costume and just went with it.

As of right now, the costume is not 100% finished and a few key items are still missing and will be finished or acquired soon. A few of the items I already had lying around in my house, like a black t-shirt and jeans. I bought a cheap pair of gloves for $2 and cut off the tops of the fingers to match the gloves and bought Apple Green Duct tape for the light green wrist accents on the gloves. With the duct tape accents around the wrists, I had to put a little stretch into the wrists of the glove while applying it as duct tape does not like to stretch. I had bought a bigger leaf green Jansport bag for school purposes and doubles for use with the costume. I know the smaller one would be cheaper and more accurate to what Ash had, but I decided I’d kill two birds with one stone.

His hat can be found online on sites like eBay and Etsy for about $5-10 before shipping. I got mines for $9 and paid $8 for shipping. And of course, who can forget about the iconic Pokédex! I decided It was time to get a case for my phone and use the Pokédex app. The case costed me about $15. For the fabric, I’ve gone for a light synthetic/cotton blend that costs $8/meter. Thankfully, there was a buy one, get two offer at FabricLand this week for the fabric I bought and three meters of fabric costed me $8 plus tax. At this time I will not be adding a zipper or the button at the collar due to time constraints, but that will add about $10 to the final cost. I am still waiting for the phone case to come in the mail, alongside the Generation 1 badges.


More screen accurate green Jansport for $35

2013-10-23 17.17.22

I went with the bigger green Jansport pack ($50) as I will be using it for school and cosplay/halloween costume. Killing two birds with one stone! Still looks pretty close!













Ash's season one hat

Ash’s season one hat

2013-10-10 14.59.16

Black shirt, jeans, gloves and Pikachu












Black t-shirt – Found at home
Jeans – Found at home
Interactive Pikachu Toy – Found at home
Gloves – $2
Apple Green Duct Tape – $5.50
Big Jansport Backpack – $50 (small Jansport is more screen accurate: $35)
Ash’s Hat – $17 ($9 + $8 shipping)
Pokédex Themed SGS3 Case – $15
Yellow Ribbon – $3
Kanto Gen 1 Badges – $30
Fabric For Jacket – $9
Grand Total: $131.50

I’d like to note that all prices are in Canadian Dollars and local prices may vary due to special offers, shipping, availability of products among other factors. Now I know one can argue that this is expensive for a one use costume. But with most if not all of these items will be used again, for a convention or another Halloween party. Knowing most of the items can be used for daily life, I’m not too worried about the cost of some of the items. Some of the items listed can be either omitted or found in one’s home and can save you upwards of $60-90 or more. I highly recommend rummaging through one’s house and local thrift and dollar stores for cheap and lightly used items to recycle and save on money.

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