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Ash Ketchum Cosplay/Halloween Costume



So this year I decided to take my costume to a whole new level and take it back to my childhood as well. I decided to go with Ash Ketchum’s season one costume and just went with it.
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The Legend of Korra Awakens Saturday

On March 24th, thanks to fan support, you can watch the first official revealing of the series tomorrow online on Korra Nation. The series is scheduled to air on Nickelodeon April 14th.
Check out Korra Nation and Last Airbender Fans for more information!

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Black Rock Shooter is here!

Black Rock Shooter has finally arrived as an official anime on Jan 28. 2012!

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Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos Movie 2 Night only screenings!

Coming to a theater near you. In Canada on both Sunday January 15th, and on Thursday January 19th at select theaters, check the most convenient theaters for screenings and listings. Continue reading

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Trigun:Badlands Rumble, Shoots into Theaters Wednesday

As I was taking a short cut through a local theater I saw a little tiny advertisement for one of my favourite Anime/Manga series ever, Trigun! My mind raced, “Vash and friends are back!” but for a one night only screening, that comes gunning into theaters on Wednesday June 22nd (talk about last minute advertising). Continue reading

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Behold, Avatar Korra!

The New Avatar is in, and She's Awesome!

Behold, Avatar Korra! Straight from the co-creators of the highly popular and award winning series, Avatar The Last Airbender, comes Avatar Korra. The series is now set for release in early 2012, on Nickelodeon (pushed back from a November 2011 release) and judging from the early images of our new Avatar, seems like the new series will be well worth the wait.

(via Avatar Wikia)

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