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Ash Ketchum Cosplay/Halloween Costume



So this year I decided to take my costume to a whole new level and take it back to my childhood as well. I decided to go with Ash Ketchum’s season one costume and just went with it.
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TCAF 2013

tcaf 2013Toronto Comic Arts Festival is happening again! Continue reading

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Youtube Tuesday: Halfling Slippers

These hobbit slippers are, how do you say it, pretty darn kick ass!! And they’re the perfect Christmas gift for that Tolkien fan in your life too! The Halfling Slippers are available at ThinkGeek for the price of $19.99! Disclaimer: we are not being paid or endorsed by ThinkGeek for this and we think these Halfling Slippers are chock full of Middle Earth awesomeness! Now get those slippers and hike over to your local theatre for a screening of The Hobbit, which hits the silver screen December 14!

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Skyward Sword’s Zelda Harp Replica

If you’re looking for some of the most dedicated fanbase, it’s hard to come by a more faithful following than fans of the Legend of Zelda franchise. And sometimes on the interwebs, you find one of those exceptionally well made replicas of items in game and that’s exactly what Etsy user PerfectTommyAutomail has done with the Skyward Sword Harp! The harp itself looks amazing, even though it’s made from a plastic called urethane and the strings are from twisted brass. Unfortunaltely the strings aren’t exactly playable but the workmanship and accuracy on this fanmade piece is amazing! If you’re looking into getting this, it’ll be a hefty $200 and it’ll also be made to order too.

(Source: Zelda Dungeon)

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Broken Fuse Podcast Episode 40

In this episode, Harley and I talk about Disney acquiring LucasFilm and it’s subsidiaries, Nexus 4 & 10, the new iPads and the imminent release of the Wii U.

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Geek Spotting: Awesome License Plate

I came across this pretty sweet custom license plate a few weeks back while driving home in Toronto.

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Atari Turns 40!

Atari turns a ripe young age of 40 today! If you remember owning an Atari 2600 in the 80s, you’ve definitely stuck around for quite a while! Celebrating 40 years, Atari has a 4 day giveaway on their Facebook Page. What are some of your favourite games made by Atari?

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George Lucas Retires

Well it looks like George Lucas has finally jettisoned from LucasFilm after originally creating it back in 1975 and is now going to be doing some indie films out of his garage. Let’s hope we get to see some of what he makes! May the Force be with you Lucas!

(Source: Blastr)

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Youtube Tuesday: Scott Pilgrim vs The Matrix

A pretty sweet collision of epic ness! Ironically Bill Pope had a hand in both movie franchises!

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Awesome Games Room

One can dream of having an awesome collection of consoles like this, no? Just make sure I don’t come across this fine collection or it’s gonna disappear off the face of the planet!

(Source: DeStorm Power’s Facebook Photos)

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