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Original Switch Gets Price Drop

The original Nintendo Switch gets a price drop in Europe and is now €270 (£230). Price drops in other regions may be coming soon to keep in line with the new European pricing of the Switch.

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Wii U Pricedrop and Wind Waker HD Bundle



Well if you’ve been waiting for a Wii U price drop, it’s practically here! Continue reading

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Wii Price Dropped to $129.99

Nintendo has dropped the price of the Wii Stateside to $129.99 and this bundle should be arriving in stores now and widely available by October 28. This bundle includes Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort on a single disc. This bundle replaces the current New Super Mario Bros Wii package that is currently in stores.  This price drop comes in time for the busy Christmas season and the launch of the Wii U.

(Source: My Nintendo News)

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Another PS3 Price Drop!

The PS3 dropped from $299 to $249 and is well on its way out with five year old technology. Will we see the PS3 drop to $199 later this year?

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3DS Price Drop $169.99

Nintendo has announced that the 3DS will drop in price to $169.99 soon Continue reading

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PSP-3000 gets a price drop to $129.99

The PSP-3000 model is getting a price drop this Sunday to $129.99 to clear up stock to make room for the NGP and also to combat the imminent launch of the 3DS in Japan in a few days and in about a month in North America and Europe. I think this is a good move on Sony’s part since the PSP has done relatively well, but not what you would call stellar when comparing to the lifetime sales of its direct competitor, the DS. There will be a price drop on some games that have been labeled as Favourites or Greatest hits, priced at $9.99 and $19.99 respectively.

(via Destructoid)

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