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Steam Summer Sale!

It’s that time of year again! The annual Steam Summer Sale has begun. Awesome games at ridiculous prices. Pro tip: Unless the game is a daily deal, it will probably sell for a lower price closer the last day of the sale.

Check it out here.

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Steam Holiday Sale

Steam has it’s Christmas sale going on now and many games have gone on sale.
There are daily deals to be had, so check back often to see what’s being discounted! Clich here to head over to Steam’s storefront!

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DC Universe Free-To-Play

Steam is doing it again! DC Universe is now free to play!! First TF2 now DC Universe. This is huge motivation to get steam if you haven’t already! MMO fans are in for a treat!

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Steam Summer Camp Sale

So the Steam sale is almost over. For those of you that missed out on the first week or so, no worries as Steam usually has some major deals on the last few days. This is usually the case with massive bundle sales and big savings off some hot games. Check it out here!

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Portal 2 Soundtrack Free!

The Portal 2 soundtrack is free to download!

Find it here.

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Dead Space Sale On Steam

Fans of horror game rejoice! Currently on Steam, the space horror game, Dead Space is on sale at 66% off and is priced at $6.80. But if you pre-purchase Dead Space 2, you can snag the original Dead Space for a staggering 75% off for $5! If you want to get in on this sale, you can find this amazing deal here!

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Steam’s Epic Holiday Sale!

So for the last couple of weeks, Steam has been promoting it’s annual holiday sale. For those unfamiliar, Steam is a digital distribution platform owned by the Valve Corporation who has produced blockbuster titles such as the Half-Life series, Counter-strike, and Team Fortress 1 and 2. Great deals are to be had pretty much everywhere.

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