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A Winner Is You! Summer Giveaway Winner!

20120803-132023.jpg So we have a winner for the MLB The Show 2012 summer giveaway! Continue reading

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What games do you like to revisit?

During the summer dry spell of games, what games do you like to revisit if you don’t have a huge backlog like me? If I have time I like to revisit some of the older Mario, Pokemon, Zelda and Star Wars games for nostalgic reasons.

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What Are Your Summer Plans?

Summer has officially arrived and that usually means family trips to the beach/cottage, road trips, time spent away from home or bunkering down in a nerd cave. Continue reading

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Steam Summer Camp Sale

So the Steam sale is almost over. For those of you that missed out on the first week or so, no worries as Steam usually has some major deals on the last few days. This is usually the case with massive bundle sales and big savings off some hot games. Check it out here!

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