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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Trailer

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Netflix to develop live action Legend of Zelda series

minish_capNetflix is in the early stages of developing a live action series based on the popular and long running video game series of Legend of Zelda. Continue reading

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Lots to look forward to on Nintendo 3DS

pikachuThe Nintendo Direct conferences have offered a great way for Nintendo 3DS gamers to stay up to date with all the latest releases for their console. Continue reading

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Youtube Tuesday: Legend of Cage

We have a video double header this Youtube Tuesday with Legend of Cage! If Majora’s Mask wasn’t scary enough for us when we played it as kids, the face of Nick Cage will do it!

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Youtube Tuesday: Legend of Zelda Featuring Zelda!

Someone finally made a mod on the original Legend of Zelda to feature Zelda as the main character to make the game’s name live up to itself! Quite a neat mod if I say so indeed!

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Wind Waker Reborn Headed To Wii U This Year


Looks like a Zelda game is headed to the Wii U!
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January 23 Nintendo Direct

nintendoNintendo had another Nintendo Direct update for the Wii U. Continue reading

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New Shows Added For Zelda Symphony

There have been extra shows added for the 25th Anniversary Zelda Concert! Check out the list here for full dates and locations!

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My Thoughts On a Number of 3DS Games and More!

As an early (not super early but before the BIG drop) adopter of the 3DS back in early August, I finally got the system, the pull, was mainly for a number of GBA games I hadn’t had a chance to play (sans emulator) and the NES were a happy bonus.   Continue reading

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Poll: What’s your favourite Zelda game?

I know this is a rehash of the poll we’ve had on for a while, but in anticipation of the Zelda 25th Anniversary tours in North America this year, we have decided to keep the Legend of Zelda poll going for a bit longer! Which Zelda game is your all time favourite? And those god awful CDi ones, they don’t count, right? Continue reading

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