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Episode 68

This week we talk about our opinions on game pricing, DLC and VR.

Intro: Synthwave 80s – AlexiAction
Outro: Neon Gaming – dopestuff

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Awesome Exhibits: Ontario Science Centre’s Game On 2.0

OSC Game On 2.0If you happen to be in the Toronto area between now and September 2, 2013, the Ontario Science Centre has an awesome new exhibit! Continue reading

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What games do you like to revisit?

During the summer dry spell of games, what games do you like to revisit if you don’t have a huge backlog like me? If I have time I like to revisit some of the older Mario, Pokemon, Zelda and Star Wars games for nostalgic reasons.

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What Are Your Summer Plans?

Summer has officially arrived and that usually means family trips to the beach/cottage, road trips, time spent away from home or bunkering down in a nerd cave. Continue reading

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Neurology of Gaming Chart

This chart of sorts describes some of the good and bad effects of gaming. I’ts definitely interesting what does come out of this modern hobby. I wonder what people will be saying about the effects of gaming twenty, fifty, perhaps even a hundred years from now? Hit the jump for the full sized chart on the Neurology of gaming! Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!!

From all the staff at Broken Fuse VG Blog, we would like to wish you a very merry Christmas! Continue reading

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Traditional Gaming: Is It Over As We Know It?

Traditional gaming as we know it has been here for over thirty years. We’ve come to expect epic storylines, ever improving graphics and gameplay from them. But have you ever thought that this breed of gaming may be on its way out? Continue reading

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Video Games Night Live Broadcast This Friday!

Since the summer is nearly over, we’re gonna do a bit of a video games night this friday and will be live broadcasted! Check us out for a time and follow us on twitter at twitter.com/broken_fuse to see when we start!

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Gaming One Hour Everyday = Success in Life

Jane McGonigal over at the Huffington Post wrote an interesting article on how gaming can help improve quality of life. In her article, she explains that around 97% of boys and 94% of girls under the age of 18 are regular gamers showing how important gaming is to our lives these days. She goes one step further and makes an attempt to argue that gaming is a way to lead a successful life. While I would tend to agree with her views that gaming is “good for you” in that it is a great form of recreation and a fairly decent social activity, I wouldn’t necessarily believe that it makes people more successful. Regardless, this article is an interesting read and a fresh take on the traditional “OMG gaming kills children” views published in mainstream media.

Check it out here.

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