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Aug 31 2012

A Busy Time for Magic Players [2012]


A number of things are happening all in a matter of a few months reshaping the Standard Format as we know it.

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Aug 31 2012

Pokédex 3D Receives Last Update

For all you 3DS owners out there, Pokédex 3D has received it’s last English update today. Coballion, Terrakion, Victini, Reshiram and Zekrom now can be downloaded without the need to scan their respective AR Markers that previously were only available through special means. This update also lets players download Pokémon that they have not unlocked yet, like alternate forms and those requiring trades. In Japan, players will be given until October 1st to complete it before the app will be removed from the eShop, presumably to be replaced by Pokédex 3D Pro. And also it should be noted it’s an in-app update unlike most games or apps on the 3DS.

(Source: Bulbapedia)

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Aug 30 2012

Getting Back Into The Rhythm Of Things

It’s been a hectic few months at Broken Fuse HQ with commitments outside the site. I know that we’ve posted less material for the past few months due to this and we’re gearing up for a new season and a fresh start in September. Our podcast has been on a bit of a summer hiatus so we’ll be getting it back on air in the next few weeks! Hope everyone’s had a great summer and is gearing up for the end of the games drought and the annual flood of games at Christmas!

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Aug 29 2012

Upcoming Sept. 2012 Ban List

For all duelists, it is time to adjust your deck once again. A lot of things remained the same as Konami seems to be hitting the top tier decks this time around. Continue reading

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Aug 28 2012

Youtube Tuesday: Tribute To Nintendo Power

Since Nintendo Power is going out of print, this week’s Youtube Tuesday video is dedicated to the long-running magazine!

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Aug 26 2012

New TWEWY Game Headed To iOS

Well all that hinting and secrecy on a new TWEWY game, Square-Enix ruined the surprise on their own!

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Aug 24 2012

Samsung vs. Apple Infringement Case

So after what seems like forever, Apple has pretty much won all of the patent infringements that they claim Samsung has done. Samsung claims they have come up with ideas, but Apple says contrary. Continue reading

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Aug 22 2012

Nintendo Power Going Out Of Print

‘Tis a sad day indeed . Nintendo has confirmed that the long running Nintendo Power magazine is going out of print! Future Publishing will be transferring their staff from this project to other projects. It’s definitely sad that such a storied magazine is shutting down. The last issue should be a bittersweet one and should be picked up for sure. What are your favourite memories of this magazine?


(Source: Ars Technica)

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Aug 18 2012

Hyrule Historia available outside Japan!


Well it’s finally here! Hyrule Historian is available outside of Japan now! Amazon is now selling it in North America, Europe and Australia. Nintendo has partnered with Dark Horse Books for the release of Hyrule Historian across North America with concept art, full history of Hyrule and the chronology of the games.

Hyrule Historia will ship on January 29, 2013.

(Source: Nintendo Insider)

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Aug 16 2012

Avengers 2 Release Date Confirmed!

The Avengers 2 release date has been confirmed! You can officially start spazzing out now! Continue reading

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