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The Legend of Korra Now on Canadian TV!

This comes about a week late but Canadians wait no more your Avatar is here! The Legend of Korra premiered last week at 11am on YTV, but worry not, you can catch the first 3episodes commercial free just head over to YTV.com.

Be sure to catch episode #2 this morning at 11am on YTV. Check your local listings for more details. For those of you who are perhaps more savvy or were currently unaware, you can also watch the episodes online (with possible spoilers) on Nickelodeon.  *Spoiler Waring* Nickelodeon is running the North American premiere run of the series and as such they are currently at episode 10, which premieres this week, followed by episodes 11-12 for next week, the season finale. Also merely clicking the Nickelodeon site will lead to spoilers for those who haven’t seen every episode up to wherever the series’ run on Nickelodeon is at. Click on NICK get spoilers, you have been warned. Now let the shipping war- I mean the action- begin.

Korra and her trusty Polar bear-dog Naga

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Avatar Korra!!!11111

Can’t F***ing Wait!

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Behold, Avatar Korra!

The New Avatar is in, and She's Awesome!

Behold, Avatar Korra! Straight from the co-creators of the highly popular and award winning series, Avatar The Last Airbender, comes Avatar Korra. The series is now set for release in early 2012, on Nickelodeon (pushed back from a November 2011 release) and judging from the early images of our new Avatar, seems like the new series will be well worth the wait.

(via Avatar Wikia)

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