Episode 68

This week we talk about our opinions on game pricing, DLC and VR.

Intro: Synthwave 80s – AlexiAction
Outro: Neon Gaming – dopestuff

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ZTE Axon 40 Ultra unboxing

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Podcast Episode 67

This time we talk about new phones and what Marvel things we’re looking forward to

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ZTE Axon 40 Ultra Review

ZTE Axon 40 Ultra (credit from Manufacturer)

After nearly 5.5 years of using the OnePlus 5, I decided it was time to retire it due to the battery getting old and not nearly as reliable as I need it to be. I picked up the ZTE Axon 40 Ultra, which released globally in June 2022. There are two variations available for the phone and they are the 8 GB RAM/ 128GB Storage for $799 USD or 12GB RAM/256GB Storage for $899 USD. I picked up the 12GB RAM/256GB Storage variant on my own dime.

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Doss Soundbox Pro Wireless Speaker Review

I recently picked up the Doss Soundbox Pro bluetooth speaker for $57 CAD on Prime Day, compared to it’s regular $72 price tag.

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Review: Newmen GM610 Wireless BT Mechanical Keyboard

I recently bought a Newmen GM610 Wireless Bluetooth keyboard for $55 as I need to switch between several computers at work and real estate on my desk is limited.

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Diablo Immortal Pre-load available

Diablo Immortal is available to be pre-loaded on your PC as of now and will be available to play on June 2. Diablo Immortal is set between Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction and Diablo 3.

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Pokemon GO Gets Companion Messaging App

The world of Pokemon Go is getting a companion app called Campfire to make organizing meetups, message other players and to see important features like gyms and active raids. The app is scheduled to launch this summer and will also connect with other Niantic games like Ingress.

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February 2022 Nintendo Direct

Exciting news for this year’s first Nintendo Direct!

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2021 GOTY Podcast

Hey it’s been a while since we’ve done a podcast and we’re doing a Game of the year episode. Harley, James and I discuss which games we’ve enjoyed over the past calendar year.

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