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Diablo 3 Street Dates Confirmed For Consoles

Diablo-3Well if you’re a fan of Blizzard’s long standing RPG franchise Diablo, a street date for Diablo 3 for consoles has been announced! Continue reading

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Broken Fuse 2012 Game of the Year

trophyWell here it is! Our 2012 Game of the Year list! Hit the jump to find out which games won! Continue reading

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Diablo 3 – Time For A Break

So for the last couple of weeks (mainly weekends), I have been playing a lot of Diablo III. I just beat nightmare and started hell. Continue reading

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Auction House Worries Diablo 3

As many of you may know, Diablo 3 has had some serious log in and stability issues since launch. However, as of late, it appears to be the auction house that has been experiencing the majority of user complaints. Continue reading

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Diablo 3’s Secret Level #2

Looks like Diablo 3 has a second secret level. Continue reading

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[SPOILER] Diablo 3 Secret Level

If you’re trying to avoid Diablo 3 spoliers, stop right here! For the rest of you, keep calm and carry on reading. Continue reading

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Poll: Do you think games like Diablo 3 should be constantly tethered to a service?

Diablo 3 was just launched today and to play, you’ll need a constant and steady internet connection to battle.net. I don’t mind having to have a system check in once in a while like how Steam does it, but the constant tethering to Blizzard’s servers for the single player mode is a bit much for me, especially with the shoddy internet connection in Canada. So what do you think of the need for games like Diablo 3 that need constant connection, even if you’re only playing the single player mode?

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Diablo 3 errors and what they mean

It isn’t surprising with the launch of Diablo 3 that there’s going to be some problems. And if you’re wondering what all those errors mean, here’s a list of errors that were/are commonly encountered with the very recent launch. Continue reading

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Diablo 3 Servers go live at midnight!

Diablo servers go live at 12AM Pacific DST. So is anyone going to pick it up and play it in the first week or so? I know I’ll be playing the hell outta it (no pun intended) as soon as the servers go live!

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